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Latex free


Breathable and bendable

No skin irritation


  • Latex free
  • Easy-clean
  • Breathable and bendable
  • No skin irritation

Start your body contouring journey with our safe to wear, tried and tested product made with advanced technology; Basic.

Hypoallergenic fabric and advanced hourglass waist training cincher made out of 3 Structure D are just some of things that makes Basic not-so Basic. While she trains your waist into those sexy curves and helps you lose those inches, Basic makes sure you don’t over sweat, smell or feel uncomfortable when you’ve got her on.

Consistent use of the product helps tone and contour your body while it tucks away unwanted back, side and stomach fat and eventually burn it away with our Therma-Boost technology.

The max all day comfort technology makes it easy to wear and the flexible internal steel-boning provides unbeatable Level 8/10 compression that bends when you do as it helps correct posture which makes it a perfect product for mothers to use. Slip this on after surgery or post-partum to protect and tighten your skin and watch the trainer quicken your recovery process.

Choosing the perfect size waist trainer is important. But before you order, understanding the size chart is essential. So here is a simple guide explaining how to measure your size before you order a CIR waist trainer.

Step 1
Place three fingers just above your navel.

Step 2
Using your index finger as a mark, run a measuring tape around your waist.

Step 3
The measurement you get from Step 2 is your perfect waist trainer size.

Sr. No.SizeWaist in inches
2  S (small) 26-28
3 M (medium)  28-30
4 L(large) 30-31
5 XL(extra large) 31-33

How do I know which size to buy?

When purchasing any of Curve It Right’s shapewear or waist trainer, it is crucial you find the size that is right for you. This eliminates discomfort in case the size picked is too small and ensures efficiency in cases where the size picked is too large. For this reason, we have a carefully curate size chart you can refer to. We also personally interact with all our customers, discuss their needs and with the help of pictures help you identify what the best fit for you can be

Where can I find product measurements?

Each product has a size guide that can help you figure out what you are looking for. If you would prefer a one-on-one assistance in selection then drop us an email and we will connect with you.

What if I’m in between sizes?

This is where our expertise comes handy! Get in touch with us and we will figure out the best size for you.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in Columbia

What are your products made of?

Our products are made of superior quality materials with patented technology that puts Curve It Right products at the top of the line in terms of a premium experience. Every product is built keeping YOU in mind and is safe & comfortable to wear

How long do I wear a Curve It Right waist trainer each day?

When you start wearing shapewear/waist trainers we encourage all our customers to ease into the garment. This means take your time every day starting from 30 mins a day to get used to wearing and slowly ramp up the time. Our products can be kept on up to 7 hours everyday but we recommend taking them off a few hours before and after eating.

How do I wash my Curve it Right trainers?

Each garment has its own care routine depending on the material it is made of. Check out the product page of the product you are interested in to know how to keep it clean.

Are Curve It Right products safe to wear?

All our products are made with high quality materials and ensure your comfort and safety first. They support your posture, are made of stretchy and breathable fabric and have unique properties that work with you to flaunt your body.

We do have doctors in our roster who would recommend our products. However, when in doubt you can always check with your physician or give us a call on (number) if you have any questions!

How long will Curve It Right products last me? 

Well, let’s just say, the only time you’ll look at buying a new product is when you need a size change. Otherwise, our quality products won’t be leaving you anytime soon!

Do these products help me lose weight?

Our products are made of technology that aid is losing unwanted fat in certain body parts but we do recommend using them with a training regime and healthy eating to see the best results.

Can I wear this to the gym?

The hero trainer is a great pick for those who would like to wear their waist trainers to the gym. The trainers better your posture and stabilize your core, thereby enhancing your workout experience.

For those who sweat profusely, hand wash this garment weekly/bi-weekly or depending on frequency of use

Additional information

Weight 530 g

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

24 reviews for Basic

  1. Maddhuri Verma

    There’s nothing I haven’t tried to lose a few inches here and there, but with every try I would face disappointment till I was introduced to CIR’s one of a kind waist trainer.
    It felt like it was made to fit my waist line as it fit me beautifully and as a bonus it encouraged me to a healthier and positive lifestyle.
    I would definitely term the waist trainer as a revolution to begin a new life, I’ve seen the results and it has helped me build my confidence to a whole new level.
    Thank you CIR for one of the best things that has happened to me and helping me believe in myself again. I’m definitely in the process of Curving it right 😉

  2. Aakriti Dhiman (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth every single penny… Love love love this product… Wear it everyday n the results are so real…so so real… It contours your waist n promotes healthy eating… It cinches your waistline… Helps you achieve a shredded n toned midriff… This product is so comfortable n just asks commitment… ❤CIR WAIST TRAINER ❤

  3. Siddhi ture (verified owner)

    Hey hey hey i am soo happy to be the part of curve it right. Its the best. It was worth spending on every penny it was muchhh worth. The waist trainer is just amazing. Its so comfortable after you wear it. As if its just made for me. It fits me sooo well. N give my body a beautiful structure i am actuly obssesed wid this. Thanks to laavi fo me making me understand n to guide me all over my sessions. Thanks again to the team👀❤

  4. Nishita Kaur S (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect that this product will give me so quick results… I thought I would get exhausted after wearing this waist trainer. But I was totally wrong. I can even workout comfortably with this on. It’s been just 3 days and the results r noticeably visible. Thanks to curve it right. Thanks a ton. I am in love with this garment.

  5. Drishti (verified owner)

    So it’s not been that long that I have started using this product but this trainer dint fail to surprise me on very the first time I wore it. It instantly contoured my waist and gave me the curve that I was unable to achieve for quite a long time. It’s comfortable, breathable and easy to wear. I was also amazed by the customer service as they are always there to help and guide when I need. The super quick and happy response by them always makes me contente. Get into the curve it right crew and slay showing those curves .👍 😍😘

  6. SharonChopde (verified owner)

    Few months back I had tried my hands on this beautiful product of CIR .
    The waist trainer not only helped me reshape my waistline but also helped me gain my confidence back.
    It’s like a boon to the mankind. It helps you achieve that perfect toned midriff and a crisp waistcut.
    A big thank you to CIR for bringing back the confidence in me n for making me fall in love with myself all over again.
    Love You ❤ CIR ❤

  7. Tanya Mittal

    This waist trainer is everything if you are someone who is depressed and by your bulgy stomach fat and due to that you can’t feel beautiful anymore… Its lightweight, breathable, and feels like nothing on your stomach giving you all those curves you always crave for…. 😘 😃 it’s a dream come true product for me.

  8. Neelima (verified owner)

    It cinches your waistline… Helps you achieve a shredded n toned midriff… This product is so comfortable n just asks commitment… ❤CIR WAIST TRAINER

  9. doll19494 (verified owner)

    At First i was very confused whether to buy it or not then i was like let me give a try …. whether i would get the confidence to get back on track but amazing it works like magic . Im so amazed with the customer service it was excellent as she had contacted me from the size to the wearing and helping me out so well and directed and motivated me with the process!! Im Extremely happy with the service and also the CIR waist trainer . The waist trainer helps to cut down inches and also by giving a good shape and posture,It motivates me to eat healthy ♥️ Thank you CIR for this awesome product 😊

  10. Madhvi mehra (verified owner)

    Curve it right probably has the best customer service representatives. I bought the waist trainer from their website and from size selection to the entire process of wearing it, customer service representative was just a msg away! Coming to the results, I was able to see results within a week, hoping for better results in the long run. Kudos to team curve it right and the waist trainer itself.

  11. Abhipsa Raut

    I so love it…this has helped me get such great curvy body..it has helped me lose 10kg in just 2 months with proper diet n excercise…i wud recommend all girls to try this out

  12. Shruti Lunawat

    Absolutely worth every single penny… love this product… Wear it everyday n the results are so real…I didn’t expect that this product will give me so quick results.
    I have been wearing this for a week now and it’s so comfortable and lightweight and the best part is its quality the quality is just fantastic
    It’s a perfect gift to gift yourself i feel much more beautiful and much more confident
    And a bigggg and huge shoutout to laavi❤️ there representive who helped me and guided me through out in selecting the perfect waist trainer for myself she was soooo sweet and cooperative and so friendly I never ever had such a lovely experience i am so glad that she helped me soo much and lastly
    A big thank you to CIR for bringing back the confidence in me n for making me fall in love with myself all over again.

  13. NIkita Rajpal (verified owner)

    5 stars is too less for such an amazing product, honestly.
    I have been longing to get a perfect waist trainer since so long, tried a few but was never satisfied. Trust me when I say I tried, I tried my hands on Imported exotic brands but due to size and quality I was never satisfied.
    I was pretty perplexed while ordering here as well, I did take 2 days but Rachel guided me well, even helped me to get flawless size. It was actually love at first sight for me.
    I’m literally amazed. You guys have earned a customer for life <3
    I would be recommending every women around me, just going to order one for my mom <3
    Love and hugs!!
    Way to go.
    Please don't forget to notify me with all the new sassy products.
    Keep Slaying "Curve it right" :*

  14. Supriya malik (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found this product, this waist trainer has helped me loose 3 inches in 2 weeks
    It is a very comfortable waist trainer I started with one hour a day and now I wear 7 hours a day
    The best part about this is , it is very comfortable and it is helping me with my back pain also
    I would also want to appreciate the after sales services
    Curve it right team is amazing, they guide you and help you with everything you need
    Size guidance, time duration, their exchange policy is also amazing
    They go out of the way for customer satisfaction I am so glad I am connected to this
    Keep doing the amazing work

  15. ash (verified owner)

    I wish there were more stars available to rate so that I would rate it all..! This product is amazing, I started using it for 2 hours at the very first and gradually increased a bit by bit and now I wear it for 5 hours a day .! I have significantly reduced my waist size in no time and also it has curved it .! I use this when I workout in the gym for 2 hours and still wear it after gym for 3-4 hours before I have a meal..! If you workout you should definitely go for this because it gives an extremely excellent support to my back and lower back and keeps my posture perfect ..! It has also firmed my waist with the workouts .! This product gave me results way faster than the gym though if you combine your gym workouts with the waist cincher it’ll be a cherry on top .! I can blindly trust on this product and so should you ..! Xoxo..!  

  16. sadaf khan

    I loved your product and had a great experience with it.
    It’s very comfortable to wear and is light weight. I can only say that it’s awesome and i will surely suggest it to all my friends and family members.
    Just simply love it.

  17. Deepa Karki

    This waist cincher has helped me to loose many inches of my waist. I also had back pain issue and it is very effective for this.
    Wearing the cincher most of the times helps give massive back support.
    It has also helped me in maintaining my posture while working out. I have worn it for 2-3 hours while in gym and even for my zumba class.
    It has toned my belly as well. It gives wonderful results and are of the best quality. I am so satisfied and happy not only with product but also with the Curve It Right’s customer service. Thank you so much for your guidance. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  18. charm@111

    i loved this product…This one is the perfect body shaper😍😍It gives the excellent back support which helps me during my offce hours to improve my positure…it is very comfortable to wear..i will surely suggest my friends to use this product

  19. Parulgoell (verified owner)

    I always had problem with maintaining my posture while working out. It’s very difficult for me to keep my back straight but with Basic Waist Trainer my posture’s improved. It also helps with belly fat. I wear it for almost 2-3 hours a day and it really helps in toning belly fat . A special mention for their customer service. Their service is amazing and they genuinely try to help the best they can.

  20. Sania Sapkal

    Looked for so many waist trainers but this has to be my absolute favorite. It does what it says,the quality is amazing and so comfortable and the material is absolutely beautiful. So happy that I came across the website and got this trainer which is life changing. Absolutely love love love it!!!😁

  21. Sareeka

    I’m using CIR waist cincher from past 2 months and must say I’m completely in love with this product. I’m not a regular user but still I manage to get wonderful results and it all helps in my posture. Best part of this brand is their customer care service and they are available 24×7.

  22. Sonali bhatia

    I love the customer service they provide. They help get the perfect waist trainer size for you. Their waist trainer is amazing and I just loved wearing it. After my back injury I was scared to lift heavy weights but after using this garment I can easily lift heavy weights in gym. It gives good back support and keeps my core engaged.It has helped me loose inches from my waist.

  23. Leena kaur

    The product is very light and comfortable. The material is breathable and therefore not suffocating at all. I wear it casually while doing my day to day work, going to the market, while working in the kitchen. I’ve seen the results even without working out in the gym wearing it. From the first I’ve come to the third hook panel. I can’t wait to start working out in it and seeing the results.

  24. DivyaSV

    This is a magic I would say… I’m really happy with the product 
    I used to use the product at gym for 3hrs and it did its job. It’s been a week I can see the visible result in my abs, it’s worth buying the product . 
    I loved it I would look forward for more result. It’s very comfortable wearing it all day.

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