About Us

All it takes is a germ of an idea to get started.

A year back, we had the vision of developing something for women that would support them in their journey of empowerment and growth.

Identifying our strengths and inclination, we began working on products
that would emulate all the values and qualities we believe in
and make women feel unabashedly confident and unapologetic.

That's how Curve It Right took off.

We wanted to start small and focus our energies on waist-trainers and coffee scrubs.
We spent months connecting with people and reading literature to
crystallise our ideas and translate them to action.

At no point did we want to position ourselves as a brand that tells women what to do.
We have worked hard to create an image of a companion,
and will continue to create options that women need in reshaping their lives.
Along with premium quality, we want to provide you with good results and
enrich your experience as a customer by not treating you like one.

That's why, we don't abandon you after your purchase and are there
to guide you with supplementary material and updates - through pictures,
videos and our blog for inspiration.

And in case you're wondering, our own inspiration comes from no one else but you.