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About Us - Curve It Right

Curve It Right

Our Belief and Vision

At Curve It Right, we believe in the power of an idea. Our journey began with a vision—to create products that support women on their path to empowerment and growth.

Our Journey and Values

We identified our strengths and passions, focusing on developing items that reflect our core values, aimed at instilling confidence and celebrating the unapologetic spirit of women. That's how Curve It Right was born—a brand dedicated to offering solutions that align with your lifestyle. Starting with waist-trainers and coffee scrubs, we embarked on a mission to cater to your needs.

Research and Development

Our journey involved extensive research, connecting with people, and delving into literature to refine our concepts into actionable products. We never intended to dictate; instead, we aimed to be your supportive companion.

Expanding Our Range

As we expand, we're thrilled to introduce our latest addition: trendy and quirky 3-4 piece beachwear sets. For the beach-loving fashionistas who crave stylish cover-ups while embracing the latest trends.

Commitment to Quality and Service

Our commitment goes beyond delivering premium quality. We strive to yield positive results and enhance your customer experience. You're not just a customer to us; you're part of our journey. Post-purchase, our support doesn't end. We're here to guide you with supplementary materials, updates, and inspirational content—because our inspiration stems from YOU.

Join Our Story

Discover our story—a brand built from the ground up. Join us in celebrating empowerment, confidence, and style, starting from scratch and growing with you. Welcome to Curve It Right!

  1. The curveitright waist trainer is simply the best. I have literally trimmed a lot of my waist fats and drastically have seen a difference in the process. It’s one of the best quality I ever came across. Well I’m in a fix for now cause I need a size small as during workouts it’s been my buddy. In the process whatever waist trainers I have purchased has been a waist of money. Hoping soon fr a size SMALL coz I am in a state where I’m desperately in need.
    Curve it Right is Truly the best Waist Trainer

  2. There are so many brands selling different body scrubs, my first CIR body scrub purchase was in 2017 and I have never purchased any other scrub other than CIR. The blend of coffee and essential oils makes the skin so supple, removes dead cells and cellulite, gives an instant glow, de-tan’s. Hands down the best body scrub. Another amazing part about this brand is that, you will hardly see them post about their products or advertise it, but people who have used it once, search for it and come again to buy it. Way to go! 💕   

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