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3 hooking closure lines

Wear it with your favourite bra

High resistance and durability

Inner lining in microfiber makes the item comfortable to wear

Made of 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane


  • 3 hooking closure lines
  • Wear it with your favourite bra
  • High resistance and durability
  • Inner lining in microfiber makes the item comfortable to wear
  • Made of 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane

The Vest does more than just shape your waist.

Not only does it uplift and flaunt your curves in the safest and most tried & tested fashion, but it’s high rise make contours your body to give a more hourglass silhouette. Not to forget the Flexible Internal SteelBoning that promotes proper posture. Perfect for new mothers and after surgery, this garment helps protect and tighten your skin to aid in speedy recovery. We’re talking about 360 shapewear here!

The ThermaBoost Technology works towards reducing and eventually eliminating unwanted back, side and waistline fat without overheating. (And the right diet and exercise can help you lose those inches faster!)

We size consult with every shapewear customer before you complete the purchase. It’s our way of ensuring you get the right product for your body and use this advanced shapewear in the most optimal way.



Sr. No.SizeBust in inchesWaist in inchesHips in inches
1  S (small) 36-37.5 27-29  37-39 
2 M (medium)  38-39.5 29-30 39-41 
3 L (large) 40-41.5 30-31 41-43 
4 XL(extra large) 41.5-43.5 31-33 43-45
5 2XL 43.5-47.5 33-35 45-47
6 3XL 47.5-50.5 35-37 47-49 

How do I know which size to buy?

When purchasing any of Curve It Right’s shapewear, it is crucial you find the size that is right for you. This eliminates discomfort in case the size picked is too small and ensures efficiency in cases where the size picked is too large. For this reason, we have a carefully curate size chart you can refer to. We also personally interact with all our customers, discuss their needs and with the help of pictures help you identify what the best fit for you can be

Where can I find product measurements?

Each product has a size guide that can help you figure out what you are looking for. If you would prefer a one-on-one assistance in selection then drop us an email and we will connect with you.

What if I’m in between sizes?

This is where our expertise comes handy! Get in touch with us and we will figure out the best size for you.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in Columbia

What are your products made of?

Our products are made of superior quality materials with patented technology that puts Curve It Right products at the top of the line in terms of a premium experience. Every product is built keeping YOU in mind and is safe & comfortable to wear

How long do I wear a Curve It Right waist trainer each day?

When you start wearing shapewear/waist trainers we encourage all our customers to ease into the garment. This means take your time every day starting from 30 mins a day to get used to wearing and slowly ramp up the time. Our products can be kept on up to 7 hours everyday but we recommend taking them off a few hours before and after eating.

How do I wash my Curve it Right trainers?

Each garment has its own care routine depending on the material it is made of. Check out the product page of the product you are interested in to know how to keep it clean.

Are Curve It Right products safe to wear?

All our products are made with high quality materials and ensure your comfort and safety first. They support your posture, are made of stretchy and breathable fabric and have unique properties that work with you to flaunt your body.

We do have doctors in our roster who would recommend our products. However, when in doubt you can always check with your physician or give us a call on (number) if you have any questions!

How long will Curve It Right products last me? 

Well, let’s just say, the only time you’ll look at buying a new product is when you need a size change. Otherwise, our quality products won’t be leaving you anytime soon!

Do these products help me lose weight?

Our products are made of technology that aid is losing unwanted fat in certain body parts but we do recommend using them with a training regime and healthy eating to see the best results.

Can I wear these to the gym?

The hero trainer is a great pick for those who would like to wear their waist trainers to the gym. The trainers better your posture and stabilize your core, thereby enhancing your workout experience.

For those who sweat profusely, hand wash this garment weekly/bi-weekly or depending on frequency of use

Additional information

Weight 530 g

S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


Nude, Black

2 reviews for Vest

  1. Shivani Panwar

    This waist trainer helped me contour my waist line.When used  Properly and Consistently it gives results & by that I mean i have been waist training everyday for minimum 2 hours and been consistent with it. Additionally I have been using it while jogging.Overtime I have managed  to reach the tighter inner hooks and now I’ve ordered a smaller size. It has transformed my waist line and it’s been a good journey.

  2. Tejaswi Pawar (verified owner)

    Vest waist cincher was good..feel so light weighted.and material is good.i can wear this all my clothes all day..
    It’s worth money ☺️

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