CIR Scrub Set(Double)

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A wisely curated Scrub set for your cleanse and care needs.



CIR Scrub Set(Double)

We have wisely curated this Scrub set for your cleanse and care needs.

This Scrub set contains

  1. Two Coffee body scrubs
  2. Bath sponge
  3. Loofah
  4. Tinted Lip balm
  5. Footsies
  6. Satin Shower cap

Your body deserves the tender love and care this gorgeously effective Scrub set is aimed at providing

The largest organ of your body is skin, so let us move beyond the face. Nourish, Exfoliate and Moisturise your entire body with this powerful yet gentle body scrub.

Enhance your bathing regimen with a bath sponge and a loofah. This will help you lather your shower gel or soap into silky smooth bubbles.

Yes shower caps have been around but this satin cap will not only feel and look good on you but also protect your hair from getting wet.

Goodbye Chapped lips!
This Scrub set contains a smacking lip balm that is lightly tinted to nurture your kissers.


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2xDark Reverie, 2xTropical Flirt, 1 of each Scent


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