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Whether your day begins at the crack of dawn or at the dawn of dusk, it doesn’t matter! Because it’s always a good time to step in the shower with our uber indulgent coffee scrub. Made from the finest Arabica green beans, this scrub will care for your skin and pamper it like no other - no questions asked, no demands made.

As it turns out, our coffee scrub is meant to be more than a fleeting affair. It will make you fall in love as it exfoliates, energises, de-tans, and hydrates your skin. All you have to do is step in the bath, dampen your skin, and apply the scrub. Don’t worry, the packaging is waterproof!


Organic Arabica Coffee Beans - Grown in accordance with the rainforest alliance and handpicked from the coffee plantations in Yunnan, these green beans help in stimulating blood flow targeting cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and scarring.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - This natural antiseptic not only works as a powerful detoxifier but it also targets skin conditions and imperfections, while healing wounds. It removes dry, flaky skin leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

Unrefined Brown Sugar - High in glycolic acid, unrefined brown sugar cleanses and conditions your skin. It works to reduce body acne and prevent further breakouts.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil - Its natural ability to fight bacterial and fungal infections gives it the status of a magic potion. This oil helps retain moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and nourished while reducing the appearance of pigmentation.

Vitamin E Oil - Packed with antioxidants, this vitamin works to prevent cellular damage and the effects of pollution, while acting as anti-inflammatory agent.


Arabica Green Coffee Beans, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Unrefined Brown Sugar, Organic Cacao Powder, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Coconut Essence, Glycerol and 1% Hyaluronic Acid


All you have to do is step in the bath, dampen your skin and apply a generous dose of our scrub. Don’t worry, the packaging is waterproof! Make sure you target all those places that have been feeling a bit overlooked lately. Sing your favourite song from our specially curated playlist while your skin absorbs all the clean goodness of the scrub’s ingredients. If you have oily or combination skin, feel free to use a light body wash before you scrub. Rinse the scrub off after 5-10 minutes. Once you’ve Scrubbed It Right, you will begin to see how the benefits of this scrub go beyond a merely sensorial experience. Your skin will speak for itself, and you can do as you please - jump back into bed with a book, get dressed and go to a party, or head to work. Just a warning, you might spend a lot of time thinking about your next rendezvous with this baby!


  1. If you want to tackle cellulite and stretch marks, make sure you use the scrub 4-5 times a week. Continued usage will produce results, do not expect miracles. Once you begin to see the change, you can cut down your usage to about 2-3 times a week.
  2. For those who are looking to simply exfoliate, 3 times a week is just perfect!
  3. This scrub is extremely safe to use on sensitive skin.
What are the benefits of using CIR bodyscrub?
I’m tough enough to iron out any skin problems you may have and help alleviate cellulite and stretch marks, yet gentle enough to leave you feeling softer and smoother than ever.
• Caffeine will stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, and psoriasis
• Demerara Sugar and Himalayan Salt will exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes
• Coconut Oil will hydrate and moisturise your skin
• Cocoa and Vitamin E are high in antioxidants which nourish and protect the skin, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation

Will caffeine help reduce cellulite?
It sure can! Caffeine will stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots and psoriasis. Caffeine fights the fat content within your cells and interferes with the activity of a specific enzyme known as phosphodiesterase. Your body uses phosphodiesterase to stop fat breakdown, but caffeine will suppress the phosphodiesterase and by doing this it will burn the fatty tissue deposits that cause cellulite.

Is CIR bodyscrub good for exfoliating my skin?
CIR bodyscrub is perfect for exfoliating your skin. Sea salt provides a more intense exfoliate for your skin and is great in removing dead skin cells. Salt is a natural detoxifier which absorbs toxins, leaving your skin clean and healthy.

Can CIR bodyscrub reduce stretch marks, wrinkles and acne?
Yes! Sugar contains a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid which is known for its anti-wrinkle and moisturising properties for reducing stretch marks. Sugar is also the perfect skin exfoliator and is very helpful for reducing acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes as it helps to remove bacteria and reveal beautiful, polished glowing skin.

Can CIR bodyscrub help hydrate my skin?
That’s what it does best! Coconut oil keeps your skin hydrated and the connective tissues strong, improving the moisture retention of your skin. It also assists in soothing your skin irritations, prolonging your tan and preventing wrinkles by naturally clearing away any dirt, grime, or dead skin cells.

Will CIR bodyscrub nourish and repair my skin?
Cacao is high in antioxidants and vitamins like Magnesium and Vitamin C which nourish and protect the skin. Raw Cacao also consists of healthy Omega 6 Fatty Acids and raw enzymes that promote cellular healing and promote cell repair and rejuvenation.

Does CIR bodyscrub test on animals?
No way, all our ingredients are natural so we test it on ourselves. Animals are for cuddling!

Is CIR bodyscrub vegan?
Yes. It contains no animal bi-products.

Can I use CIR bodyscrub if i have sensitive skin?
CIR bodyscrub is an all-natural scrub made with ingredients that come from the earth. We always recommend that you do a patch test first before applying to entire body. If you notice a reaction to using the scrub, discontinue using immediately.

What are the ingredients in CIR bodyscrub?
Organic Coffee Scrub with Robusta Coffee Beans, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara Sugar, Organic Cacao and Vitamin E oil.

How often do I use it?
We recommend continued usage of the scrub 3-4 times a week if you’re looking to eliminate cellulite and stretch marks, and 2-3 times a week if you want to exfoliate.

Does CIR bodyscrub go bad?
CIR bodyscrub has a shelf life of 6 months. Make sure it’s always sealed and stored in a dry, cool place. Avoid getting water inside the bag.

Can I use CIR bodyscrub on my face?
Yes, you can use me on your face but keep in mind it exfoliates, so be gentle with your skin and avoid using alcohol-based products after scrubbing. Use a soap free cleanser to wash off any excess oil. If you have sensitive skin make sure you do a patch test first.

What do I do if I get it in my eyes?
If the scrub gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly and avoid rubbing your eye. If it irritation persists, seek medical assistance immediately

How long till I see results?
Your skin should feel smoother after our first session. When you feel the results after our first session, just imagine how good your skin will feel after a few weeks*.
*Results depend person to person.

Does the scrubs cause skin irritations?
99% of our trial-users have not experienced negative skin reactions when applying the scrub. However, we always recommend to do patch test 24 hours before using the scrub on your body. If you have sensitive skin and if irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Is it safe to use the scrub if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?
No, not while you're pregnant. Caffeine enters your pores to tone and firm. Post pregnancy usage is always recommended. Breastfeeding mothers must consult their physician first before using the coffee scrubs.

What are the accepted payment methods?
CIR bodyscrub accepts Paypal and credit card payments.

How can I contact CIR body scrubs support?
You can reach us at help@curveitright.com for any order and product enquiries. Enquiries are answered within 24 hours.

Is CIR bodyscrub sold in stores?
CIR bodyscrub is pretty straight forward. It likes to go from its home, straight to yours. That is why it is only available online. If you head back to the main page of the website, you will be able to checkout once your shopping cart is ready.Reselling of the product is not allowed without prior permission.

Do You Have Gift Vouchers?
Unfortunately we do not have gift vouchers available online. We do however have Gift Bundles that you can choose from and send straight to a special someone. Just make sure you enter in their correct shipping address and your order will arrive within the standard shipping times, depending on their location.

How Long Does A Pack Last?
One pack of CIR body scrub contains 200 grams of coffee scrub. It will last 1 month on an average.
For people who like to get really dirty, you might find yourself running out of it even sooner.
It all depends on how dirty you like to get. If you're just scrubbing specific areas (for example your elbows or legs) then you might only need a little bit of scrub. But if you're having fun on your own or with friends, or you're a couple who is scrubbing together, you'll probably cover yourself in scrub from head to toe. Who knows, you might use the scrub all up in one go. Luckily CIR bodyscrub is being made around the clock, and if you order it again, it won't be long before it turns up at your door.

Can I Use The Scrub On My Tattoo?
CIR doesn't recommend using scrubs on a freshly inked body. You should wait until the area has healed completely before scrubbing. One can use the scrub on an old tattoo which is completely healed.

Can I See Or Upload Before & After Pics?
We’d love to see pictures of change and transformation and happiness!
If you can share your results on social media, not only do you have the chance to be reposted on CIR bodyscrub’s page, but more importantly you can help share the benefits of CIR bodyscrub products, in helping with various skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne and more. You can see what all the fuss is about by checking out @curveitright #scrubbedright on Instagram
Facebook: /curveitright

Refund or Return policy?
If your product arrives damaged or you have received a wrong order a replacement may be issued. For a replacement to be issued, you will need to contact us at help@curveitright.com within 24 hours of receiving the parcel (please attach photos of the product damage). Our customer service consultant will advise you where to return the parcel to by mail. Once received, a replacement will be issued for your original purchase.
We cannot issue refunds for change of mind or dislike of product.

Where does CIR body scrub ship to?
We are currently shipping all over India but we're also accepting international orders!

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs INR 200 anywhere in India. For those placing the order internationally, please email us for details.

How long from payment will my order take to be shipped?
The order will be shipped the day after the payment is received in our account. We will provide you with the tracking URL once your product has been shipped.

How long will my parcel take to arrive from dispatch?
Delivery will take 2-3 working days for orders placed in India and 3-6 working days for order placed outside of India.

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Dark Reverie, Tropical Flirt

67 reviews for CIR Body Scrub

  1. diaskevin1

    I would highly recommend this product to all!

  2. ChrisN

    I have been using coffee scrubs since the past year. But this is amaze-balls. It feels like I have new skin

  3. Kalpana

    Sooo goooooood!

  4. Anushka (verified owner)

    It’s soooo awesome! My skin feels so smooth and refreshed 🙂
    And of course love it’s delicious smell !

  5. apk.121

    Its a lovely treat for my skin…its so hydrating coz of the coconut oil that i feel its the best scrub esp for the winters! My skin feels really smooth, fresh and hydrated after I step out 🙂

  6. shweta patil

    Awesome product… in love with the scrub….

  7. sneha sharmilee das (verified owner)

    Thankyou so much @curveitright 😍 Fir this amazing scrub product and making me realise to pamper myself ❤️ X-mas time is magical exciting like fairytale because its pampering time. Taking care of mine is is the best thing and perfect buildup to this new vibe. And am doing it with @curveitright
    #scrubbedright #curveitright #lovingit #coffeetime #happyvibes💜

  8. Kamal (verified owner)

    I loved the scrub. The coffee smells amazing and wakes my senses instantly. You wont feel dry at all and it gives a sheen glow to my skin.

  9. monica25 (verified owner)

    I have used the coffee scrub which gives amazing fragrance & texture to the skin.
    It makes the skin so soft & supple that I just love the touch of my skin….& the skin glow

  10. Mns (verified owner)

    CurveItRight 😍 Wow!! This was my 1st ever body scrub and it was so wonderful to use. I used the Tropical flirt, I loved the wonderful coffee smell and the after using this my skin became more soft , smooth and moisturized.
    Thank you for this scrub 🙂

  11. dr Priya Golani (verified owner)

    I have been using coffee scrubs for 2 years now ..before I used to get it from the US ,but since a year I have been using these coffee scrubs from curve it right and I am definitely addicted ..an incentive to a lazy groggy morning is waking up to a nice coffee shower
    I have tried both tropical flirt and dark reveire
    I love both but a wee bit partial towards dark reveire
    It is absolutely rejuvenating and the fragrance remains the entire day
    The skin feels more even n soft
    It’s a definite try

  12. Sakshi Agarwal (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Coffee Scrub.. Smells divine..Feels luxuriously soft and it glows.

  13. Akhila (verified owner)

    Curve it right just makes your skin #scrubbedright..
    I heard about this from a friend and i wasnt sure about it.
    After using Tropical Flirt I recommend it to everyone

  14. Lasya (verified owner)

    I actually love this scrub because it leaves your skin hydrated and supple more over you really love the exfoliation…………and worth buying it …..for most relaxing and refreshing..mind and body………

  15. dushimran (verified owner)

    Bought It as a gift for my girlfriend and she loved it. Turns out I keep ordering it for her every time. Great product with portable and durable packaging.

  16. doll19494 (verified owner)

    The scrub is awesome, the best scrub i have ever used ,it exfoliates and hydrates the skin so well , gives instant shine to the skin , its highly recommend 👍😊♥️

  17. Vidhu Lohia

    It was amazing and the smell after the use was superb 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Vidhu Lohia

    Curve it right u people literally help me in finding my size and not that only they even explain how to use 😍So thank you so much Laavi specially u 😘

  19. Meghana yarasu (verified owner)

    I loved it!! Trust me this is too good!
    I have got like the most sensitive skin which repels to almost all the cosmetics, not even a facewash. After using this coffee scrub, I don’t think I should use any of those. It is that good! Exfoliation and moisturizing your skin and leaving a very good feel is the best work this scrub can do. Your skin feels so new and you can’t stop touching your skin again and again. I bet you won’t regret using this..I repeat never!

  20. Surbhi Garg

    @curveitright strongly pursues a vision of bringing about an evident and positive change in the lives of women. In this competitive era, the world’s perception towards women has made them over cautious about the way they look and that has also lead to an epidemic of fear of nonacceptance in society. Curve It Right feeds the belief of having holistic development of the body, mind and spirit and that is always achieved from within. It aims to give them a proper direction and a medium to gain that much needed confidence to face the world and achieve the unachievable. 😍 ‘The Feel Good Factor’ which is the sole driving force for the company. Nonetheless, the ideology behind the line was enough for me to get my hands on what they had to offer. Body positivity is all about how confident you are in your own skin and the products like the @curveitright Coffee Scrubs give that zest and zeal to start every morning with a feeling of not just experiencing good but the ‘BEST’.♥️

  21. Anushka

    I have tried both the scrubs from This brand and to be honest it’s really difficult to pick 1 of them. 💖They are both amazing !
    These scrubs leave my skin so smooth, soft and hydrated that i never felt the need of using a moisturizer even in winters.😍♥️
    I love indulging in sweet shower sessions my tropical flirt…it leaves me smelling  yummy & fragrance lasts for a day ! I’ve also noticed reduced cellulite on my thighs. This product is a totall value for money! Go grab 1! ♥️♥️

  22. Megha Mandhan (verified owner)

    I hav used both the scrubs!
    Dark Reverie and Tropical Flirt both are super amazing❤️ I loved it so much
    It helped me much in flaunting my skin soft and glowing!! M big coffe lover and now a big coffee scrub lover to❤️❤️❤️
    #scrubbedright #spoiltright #curveitright

  23. Anushka123

    A consequence of female self love is that the woman grows convinced of her social worth! Curveitright is just the perfect supplement and the gentle hand to guide us ladies into that zone of self-love.. As someone had once said, women who love themselves are threatening, curveitright with their amazing products is one of the agents of empowering the ladies with the crucial tools to pamper themselves! So it’s high time you took the hand of curveitright, walked into the nirvana of positive narcissism and felt the beautiful breeze of feminism with a gentle touch of your well guarded feminine characteristics! Use their products. Fall for yourself for a change🙂

  24. Tanya Mittal

    Who doesn’t like scrubs and if they are coffee one then it’s totally a yes yes situation for me…. I’ve tried many coffee scrubs before but after switching to CIR coffee scrub 8 can’t switch to natural other one…. Coz it’s get all the goodness of coffee in itself from the heavenly aroma to deep cleaning properties it’s get em all…. And what more we can ask for when it comes in two scandalous exotic flavours…. 😘
    A least a fan of CIR love you guys more power to you

  25. ketakee

    Till now my experience with CIR Body Scrub was totally satisfying. It makes my skin feel and smell amazing just after one go. It exfoliates well, and yes ! you can say bye bye to dead skin cells. What more to ask for! Totally worth it🖤

  26. Charu (verified owner)

    My skin is an absolute delight after using this scrub. This was such an accidental discovery on Instagram for me and so totally love it.

  27. Chesta (verified owner)

    This was a trending solution for softer and hydrated skin on Instagram when I first got to know about it!
    I don’t believe in reading the experience a product might give rather I make my own using it, the CIR body scrubs are amazing. They actually leave the skin soft, supple and gentle. It’s hydrated and above all makes you smell soooo good 🙂
    I’m an ultimate fan, try it you’ll be one too!!

  28. Umii Wani (verified owner)

    @curveitright … i have a damn bad dry skin..and was always into worry of exfoliating , hydrating and moisturizing my skin …then one fine day god finally listened to me and i saw CIR scrubs on insta ..thought of trying and much to my experience the scrubs are amaxing … I’ve used both the flavours, dark reverie as well as tropical flirt … can’t choose one among them …. cz i love them both …. my skin feels sooo smooth and refresh after using them …the smell of the coffee makes it more exciting for me … I love love love both the scrubs …. 👌👌👌💗💗💗💗💗💞💞💞💞

  29. Sadiya (verified owner)

    I love this product. It is absolutely amazing .I feel so refreshed after using it as it moisturizes the skin leaving it so smooth 💗

  30. Jinal savla

    My skin feels so amazing ever since I’m using the scrub and also smells delicious😋😋😋. The plus point is also do not need to use a moisturizer after scrubbing.

  31. Naafiah Onaiza (verified owner)

    A totally worth it product for skin , works as an amazing scrub and exfoliates the skin well, the ingredients used are just amazing , the essential oils makes the skin so supple and soft , I had tried many body scrubs but finally happy with Curve It Right .. would love to use more and more to get a flawless soft and beautiful skin✨💕

  32. Roshni Dhankanti

    Winter time calls in for some serious moisturising and care. But thanks to CIR body scrubs they do the job well and I’m addicted to the scrubs now

  33. Rochelle Fernandes

    I tried the Dark Reverie and I love absolutely everything about it .. Right from its packing to the way it makes my skin feel is just superb.. It gets even better because the aroma of freshly brewed coffee makes you wanna come back for more..

  34. Kaynaat

    Absolutely loves the fragrance. Does what it claims. Totally a yes yes for me….. 😍😍😍😍
    Will buy tropical flirt too as soon as my dark rev gets finished. 😚😚😚

  35. Pooja

    My experience with the CIR body scrub was totally amazing. I scrubbed for a week straight and within a week I got rid of all the tan. Totally worth it

  36. Sabiha

    The coffee scrub hydrated my skin so well and also after a period of continuous usage I noticed a reduction in my acne scars and blemishes. I absolutely love the after effect:*

  37. Shweta Chhabra (verified owner)

    In love with this product, the skin feels so soft and refreshing after using it. I call it “me” time when I use it, will never stop using it. Highly recommended product for all those who love their skin.
    P.S. the coffee smell is soo good.

  38. Poonam (verified owner)

    This product is awesome as my skin is sensitive. it made my skin soft .It feels refreshing. I would recommend everyone

  39. Avantika Kashyap (verified owner)

    This is the best body scrub I have used so far . It leaves the skin soft and refreshed. Removes dead skin cells and naturally exfoliates the body. U would feel to use it each time you step into the shower.I would definitely repurchase. Thanks curve it right for getting me introduced to such an amazing product.

  40. Anamika Mittal (verified owner)

    Amazing product this is ! I am on my third bag and it has worked on my cellulite and stretch marks. I got my bestie hooked up on this as well <3

  41. Bhavya

    I’m just in love with this scrub😍it leaves my skin super hydrated after every use💕it smells so good😍 packaging is super cool😎it’s just an amazing product. Gonna order another one soon💖

  42. Vishal

    It’s very awesome product

  43. Ankita jain (verified owner)

    I love this product, have not used any other scrubs ever since I got this one. It makes my skin smooth and soft, both flavours are amazing. 😍😍

  44. Bangben (verified owner)

    It’s a beautiful product. Leaves me nice,, glowing and had helped me get rid of cellulite too. Highly recommend it.

  45. Nichelle Rodrigues

    It’s Great, a really nice product, instant glow on my face and body. I like it a lot! 😍🍫

  46. Aisha (verified owner)

    It’s a Wow product! Absolutely love it, I use it twice a week or targeting anything but it leaves my skin super smooth. It’s also helped me lighten dark patches. Love it, it’s a Must try!

  47. Swetha (verified owner)

    I really like this product, it’s very effective in battling dry & dead skin off your body. I love the results, Placing my second order now for Tropical flirt this time!

  48. Sakshi Desai (verified owner)

    Amazing product, I’m a coffee addict so I couldn’t stop myself from trying both flavours, I’m more inclined towards Dark reverie of the two. I love smelling like chocolates. Totally worth it. 😍😍

  49. Alfia Khan (verified owner)

    This scrub is just amazing ..i loved it, wonderful result after first use itself, will love to order more soon♥️♥️♥️😍

  50. Sonali

    Really great product, skin feels extremely soft after very first use. Amazing for all seasons body care.

  51. Jamila halvadwals (verified owner)

    Great product, love the results!

  52. Manasa (verified owner)

    I have used both the scrubs ,both are amazing! I personally loved tropical one, coffee smells like so good instantly energies you! The results are pretty evident 🙂 , it’s so smooth and you feel so good about it!
    #scrubbedright !

  53. Tezuswee arya (verified owner)

    Lovely for the skin, highly recommend it.

  54. Ekta kamble (verified owner)

    Love it alternate days usage is best for body and face too. Must try!

  55. Vaishali (verified owner)

    Nice product works all season.

  56. Shraavya verma (verified owner)

    Like it, works well on dry skin.

  57. Pratichi

    I liked it…and it’s good for my skin too🙂

  58. Trisha de (verified owner)

    I liked it☺

  59. Marsha srivastava (verified owner)

    I really liked it..
    It’s very good product and it keeps my skin very moisturized..❤

  60. Chesta maheshwari (verified owner)

    I loved it..
    It’s good👍

  61. Vidisha tiwary (verified owner)

    I loved the product
    I have used 1 packet and I am looking forward to order it again
    It really worked for my skin

  62. Parma Abhijit A (verified owner)

    I loved it…
    I’m very much happy with the product and I would love to buy it again😊

  63. Fatima kazmi

    It was nice
    And i loved it👍

  64. Sharwari patil (verified owner)

    It’s good
    I love the product
    And would like to continue with it😊

  65. abookbosomedgirl (verified owner)

    I’m seriously being honest here, I have tried a lot of coffee scrubs but this one, nothing ever matches it! It’s so good to smell, has hyaluronic (that actually locks in the moisture and makes your skin plump) I swear it’s just the perfect and the most delicious smelling scrub I’ve used ever. I use this when I’m upset and it’s so therapeutic too!

  66. vedika.hansaria (verified owner)

    Great product. This is actually one of those products that really work. I had ingrowths all over my legs and they are all gone now. Happy with the product. Though I wish you’d give it in a box instead of a bag.

  67. Naafiah Onaiza (verified owner)

    Soo many new brands, new scrubs off late, I had my first purchase with CIR in 2017, and I never purchased any other body scrub other than CIR. The products have amazing ingredients which removes dead cells, cellulite, makes the skin so supple and soft, and you can find an instant glow immediately. This is my 7th or 8th time purchasing. I don’t think there is a better body scrub than this one. It’s too good. I’m in love with dark reverie. The fragrance of coffee is just so soothing it leaves the skin so clean, and moisturised. The best part about this brand is you hardly see them posting pictures of their body scrubs or advertising it, but people come searching for it and purchase it. Best Body Scrub ever💖  

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